Massive Telephone Surveys

Reminder HM® allows making thousands of surveys quickly and automatically. It has the necessary tools to provide the most advanced and satisfactory experience to create dynamic surveys and through its interface, which is ordered into blocks, and drag & drop actions users will be able to create simple or complex flows according to their needs.

With Reminder HM® Hosted, you will obtain a complete service without investing in expensive equipment or telephone line contracts with carriers; you will be operating in less that 48 hours easily and safely with the most accessible rates in the market. Besides, you will be able to access our platform from any part of the world in your preferred browser.

Its powerful dialing motor has the objective to increase users' contact through different media, with customized intervals and retries.

Send your information securely!

The information transmitted through Reminder HM® travels securely and encrypted under its advanced security certificate. You may use confidential information with certainty and confidence that it will remain so.

Start saving money, time and effort, contact Reminder HM.

Did you know?

Telephone surveys allow users obtaining different benefits related to the market research, such as:

  • Make market research.
  • Identify new needs.
  • Improve the image of the brand.
  • Know the opinion of the customers about the brand, image, product or service, etc.
  • Monitor the quality of the service.
  • Measure customers' satisfaction levels.
  • Make opinion polls.
  • Know consumption habits.
  • Collect more information about customers and complete your database.
  • Create tests about products or services.
  • And more.

Manage the system easily!

Through Reminder® tools can easily configure and manage your data sources, campaigns, users, schedules, templates, audio, black or white lists, etc. In addition, the SMS, audio, survey and schedules templates will save you time and effort.

Besides, with the appropriate management and filters, business rules and dialing schedules, users are able to create telephone surveys directed to a specific public or segment.

Each question is structured by means of pre-recorded audio files and allows inserting TTS, date, time, balance, amount and spelling variables in order to customize each survey according to the desired record; besides, users are able to use the audio player to load different files (mp3, wav and vox) or record them.

Use our monitoring tool to evaluate the impact of the surveys in real time and analyze different aspects, such as:

  • Campaign advance.
  • Total amount of records, as well as the processed and blocked records.
  • The results of the survey.
  • The dialing results.
  • Campaign effectiveness.
  • Assigned schedules.
  • The information that is being used.
  • The assigned survey.