Private Cloud Services

It is a SaaS (Software as a Service) that allows entering computer resources as well as IT infrastructure without any investment; it is based on the best contact center applications of the market, CenterWare V®, and the best available telephony rates.

The provided software, hardware and telephony services infrastructure is specially designed for our costumers; that is, our solutions and applications are implemented in a set of high performance devices, only accessible for the authorized personnel and not shared by any other network user.

CenterWare V was developed to give users a complete control and flexibility over the contact center management and to avoid losing a minute by configuring and/or preparing the operation to prevent any eventuality, express campaigns, saturation, and etc. users can modify the operation via Internet at any moment.

We have different types of connectivity and access can be via Internet or by means of LAN to LAN trunks.

CenterWare V Functionalities

CenterWare V® is the most complete solution in the market for contact centers that want to reach excellence; it allows automating the entire call process with the highest service levels, availability, productivity and efficiency at the minor operative cost and the biggest return on investment.

Our tool has the most amazing, dynamic and personalized dashboard through which users will monitor contact center metrics and evaluate inbound and outbound performance at any moment.

Total control of inbound calls

CenterWare V® allows managing, controlling and supervising contact center activity and to obtain the optimization of all the communication processes in order to increase the operative efficiency of their agents and provide high service levels in an easy and fast manner.

CenterWare V will allow you to:

  • Manage hundreds of ACD groups
  • Personalize each ACD group
  • Assign agents to different ACD groups at the same time
  • Establish customized opening hours
  • Decrease and control agent's dead time
  • Prioritize ACD groups
  • Identify in queue calls immediately
  • Manage do not call lists (inbound calls blockage)
  • Customize call dispositions
  • And hundreds of additional functions

Total control of outbound calls

It permits configuring outgoing campaigns in a predictive, progressive and/or manual way of all the records that will be dialed in order to reduce dead times between calls and to contact customers in a productive and efficient manner.

CenterWare V will allow you to:

  • Manage hundreds of campaigns at the same time
  • Enjoy one of the most sophisticated automatic dialer of the market: predictive, progressive, intensive and manual dialing.
  • Synchronize, each campaign independently according to the functionality of the dialer (predictive or progressive)
  • Assign agents to different campaigns at the same time
  • Manage priorities
  • Manage do not call lists (outgoing calls blockage)
  • And hundreds of additional functions