Infrastructure and Security

CenterNext has datacenters located in Mexico and the United States prepared and certified with a considerable variety of backup systems that guarantee the continuity of your operation, such as:

  • Disaster recovery and business continuity systems
  • Redundant energy systems
  • Biometric access readers for our installations.
  • 7x24 monitoring
  • Cooling and humidity control proprietary technologies
  • Internet output of 10 GB
  • Other systems to secure the operation
  • Some of the main enterprises that operate with our datacenters are: eBay, National Security Administration (USA), Oracle, Motorola, among others.

On the other hand, users can access Reminder by means of the web and the authentication of the platform is defined through the users created by the own customer (passwords will be encrypted in the database).

Our platforms, CenterWare and Reminder, have independent database architectures and are not shared with the information of other customers.

Our website backup is made by an HTTPS connection which is validated by a certificate to prevent information traveling in a plain text format through the network.