CenterNext cloud services provide a flexible access to IT resources without investing in contact center purchase, implementation or infrastructure management.

Our benefits include:

  • Self Service: Our users are able to add, delete and modify their campaigns without the intervention of a third person.
  • On demand: Our solutions can be implemented according to your needs.
  • Fast Implementation: Users just need the Internet and a computer to access the platform.
  • Quick Increase or Decrease: Our services can be hired by short periods of time to solve unforeseen events in the operation.
  • Infrastructure Management and Control: Our state-of-the-art technology allows controlling the contact center without a large investment and without worrying about site spaces, IT staff, maintenance, etc.
  • High Availability: CenterNext has the most advanced systems to secure the continuity of its operation; such as, redundant energy systems, a 10 Gbps Internet output with redundancy, air conditioner, etc.

Consequently, our users will be able to save costs and increase their productivity and profitability; besides, they will never have to worry about site space, access control, electric power and backup systems.