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Reminder is a Hypermedia Communications Platform in a SaaS environment that allows increasing massive customer contact through different media, such as, SMS and audio messages by one click without having to make a huge investment since users only have to be connected to the cloud and create campaigns.

Prepaid or post-paid contracts as well as on demand plans according to the enterprise.

The friendliest environment and the biggest and strongest platform in the market.


Reminder, among other characteristics, allows customizing campaigns, increasing contact points, making multiple massive campaigns simultaneously, online monitoring and adjustment (according to each customer's needs), programming campaigns by temporalities, schedules, media and optimizing the efficiency of each contact media.

  • Profiles and privileges management: Users addition will help customers accessing the application and defining the type of access.
  • Schedules management: It allows defining different schedules to apply them to one or more campaigns to save time and simplify campaigns addition.
  • Campaign Configuration: Reminder permits generating different types of campaigns, assigning schedules, monitoring and assigning templates in a matter of seconds.
  • Audio and SMS templates management This powerful tool allows manipulating, adding, editing and deleting different types of templates that can be applied to the SMS or audio campaigns.
  • Audio control and management: It consents to manage, listen, edit and collaborate with the audio that customers will hear by means of our text to speech tools.
  • Black and white lists management: It allows controlling who will receive and who will not SMS and audio messages.
  • Online balance: It permits reviewing campaigns balance, assigning resources to different contact media, currency remaining, etc.
  • Detailed reports about the delivery: It consents to control the operation of multiple campaigns or view the minimum detail of each of campaign via web without making complex operations.

SMS Messages

Are aware of the fact that millions of people have a cell phone? Use our powerful tool to secure the reception of your messages; it is the most effective platform for direct customer and prospect communication since it allows adding and managing multiple simultaneous SMS campaigns through one or two-ways.

Reminder is perfect to generate loyalty campaigns, sending massive text messages, collection, promotion and a great range of services and possibilities.

Call centers cloud computing massive SMS

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Advantages and benefits:

  • SMS messages will be practically read at the moment of reception.
  • Year after year the number of people owning a cell phone increases.
  • Bidirectional and unidirectional messages.
  • Incoming message analysis through keywords.
  • Delivery to multiple carriers.
  • Customized messages.
  • The easiest way never seen before.

Audio Messages

Are you interested in contacting thousands of people by means their telephones and cell phones through pre-recorded and customized messages? With Reminder, you will be able to do that by measuring contact effectiveness at any time since it allows identifying the percentage of contacts that listen the entire message.

Reminder will allow, in a short time, sending clear and precise audio messages to maximize the contact and efficiency of the delivered information in order to decrease costs and investment in infrastructure.

Call centers cloud computing audio messages

Request a free demo through our web page by clicking here.

Advantages and benefits:

  • Reminder includes intelligent human voice detection systems that are able to distinguish among fax, answering machines, etc. in order to deliver messages only to people.
  • Increase your sales by transferring calls to your contact center.
  • Manage blacklists to avoid unpleasant calls.
  • Customize messages.
  • Deliver to multiple carriers.
  • Thousands of available ports.
  • Intuitive and friendly interface.
  • Edit audio with your PC and load it directly into the application.
  • Write text messages, add telephone numbers and then convert it into audio to deliver the message to thousands of users.
  • Load data through FTPS.
  • Select the "do not bother" option so the system will not dial the number again.

Reminder is perfect to generate loyalty campaigns, sending massive text messages, accounting, promotion and a great range of services and possibilities.