What is Reminder?

It is a massive contact solution, which automatically sends pre-recorded and/or text messages.

What is Reminder for?

Among others, it can be used to, promote products, invite customers to events, remind due dates, offer new products or services and collection.

Is it possible to send text messages to any part of the country?

Yes, just load the desired records into the data source (including 10 digits cell phones).

How can I obtain a better text messaging rate?

Text messaging rates depends on the volume; if users acquire a small amount of messages, the cost will be higher than if they acquire a bigger amount. (For more information contact an account executive.)

How can I prepay text messaging?

To prepay text messaging contact an account executive.

Am I able to receive customer's answers?

Not directly, users are able to indicate the number to which customers will answer the message in order to divert those answers to a cell phone.

Is it possible to transfer calls to an agent?

Yes, customers are able to listen an audio message and then press a telephone key to automatically transfer their call to an agent, just setup the corresponding function.