Audio Messages

Are you interested in contacting thousands of people by means their telephones and cell phones through pre-recorded and customized messages? With Reminder, you will be able to do that by measuring contact effectiveness at any time since it allows identifying the percentage of contacts that listen the complete message.

Reminder will allow, in a short time, sending clear and precise audio messages to maximize the contact and efficiency of the delivered information in order to decrease costs and investment in infrastructure.

Call centers cloud computing audio messages

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Advantages and benefits:

  • Reminder includes intelligent human voice detection systems that are able to distinguish among fax, answering machines, etc. in order to deliver messages only to people.
  • Increase your sales by transferring calls to your contact center.
  • Manage blacklists to avoid unpleasant calls.
  • Customize messages.
  • Deliver to multiple carriers.
  • Thousands of available ports.
  • Intuitive and friendly interface.
  • Edit audio with your PC and load it directly into the application.
  • Write text messages, add telephone numbers and then convert it into audio to deliver the message to thousands of users.
  • Load data through FTPS.
  • Select the "do not bother" option so the system will not dial the number again.

Reminder is perfect to generate loyalty campaigns, sending massive text messages, accounting, promotion and a great range of services and possibilities.